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Tapola - The Mini Kashmir

Famously called the mini Kashmir of the west is a rustic hamlet with a magnificent lake - Shivsagar. A 90 km long water body Shivsagar lake is in fact the backwaters of the Koyna dam near Kolhapur! Tapola is a great sightseeing option near Mahabaleshwar 25 kms down the hill on the way to Kas Pathar from Mahabaleshwar. tapola is also the base to Vasota jungle trek.

Shivsagar Boat Club

The Koyna backwaters is the main attraction of Tapola and the Shivsagar boat club arranges water sports kayaking and boating in this vast water body which spreads ove 90 sqkm.
There are many strawberry farms and nurseries of Gerberra around Tapola. Apart from the Shivsagar boat club and the seasonal waterfalls around there many options of sightseeing if you take to boating in Tapola lake. Bamnoli on the shores of Shivsagar lake is a beautiful village by the lake. Ascend the ghats from Bamnoli and you are at the beautiful seasonal flower beds of Kas Pathar which is a must do especially in Aug - Sept.

Sightseeing in Tapola

A satellite village of Mahabaleshwar, Tapola is a quaint village now popular for the river camps and agrotourism centres which have spawned along the banks of the lake. Tapola is the base to Vasota jungle trek and is also a chosen stay option near Kas Pathar for the want of accommodation options in Kas Pathar during the flowering season.
Tapola is a sightseeing option near Mahabaleshwar specially during and after monsoons. Tapola is 25 kms downhill from Mahabaleshwar from 'Aaram chowk' and is the end of roads of sorts.

A Monsoon Destination


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Shivsagar Lake - Tapola

Vasota - The Jungle Trek

Tapola is the base camp for one of the most exhilarating treks that one can go for in Maharashtra. Vasota located with in the Koyna wild life sanctuary is cut off from civilization and can be reached only in a boat. The permit for the trek can be procured from Bamnoli.